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Alfida Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

In our tax advisory services, we are bound to the statutory tax consultants’ fees regulation. We are also under obligation to maintain confidentiality and are authorised to refuse testimony in criminal tax proceedings. We offer you extensive advice in the fields of taxes and management consultancy.

Services Portfolio Tax Consultancy

For the purposes of classical tax consultancy, we offer advisory service on tax optimisation for businesses and private persons in the following situations:

  • Foundation of an enterprise
  • Choice and transformation of legal form
  • Investment and financial decisions
  • Management consultancy
  • Company succession
  • Renting and leasing
  • Construction financing
  • Settlements of inheritance

Our advisory service in accounting, annual accounts and tax statements includes:

  • Advice and information on all tax matters
  • Private and business tax returns
  • Applications in tax matters
  • Accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Annual accounts
  • Profit and loss statement based on cash flows

The enforcement of tax law comprises the following services:

  • Review of tax provisions
  • Review of tax notices
  • Negotiations with authorities
  • Support with company audits
  • Conduct of non-judicial remedies
  • Representation vis-Ă -vis fiscal courts

Service Portfolio Management Consultancy

In our role as management consultants, we offer you support in the following business areas:

  • Business start-up, setup and stipulation
  • Choice of legal form
  • Development and performance of accounting system
  • Organisation and administrative structure
  • Cost and profitability calculations
  • Investment and financing
  • Short-term income statements, liquidity analysis
  • Business analysis, cross-sector comparison
  • Insolvency, financial recovery and deficiency analysis
  • Company succession

Other Services

Tax consultants, certified auditors and accountants are well-versed in the following other practices, which they perform as:

  • Fiduciaries
  • Asset managers
  • Members of advisory board/supervisory board
  • Insolvency advisers
  • Conciliators
  • Appraisers
  • Evaluators
  • Experts in the field of tax due diligence